Stalking the Mountain Wave

by Ursula Wiese

7" x 10" soft cover, 220 pp with index,
44 photos, 21 illustrations and tables.
ISBN 0-9682005-0-8

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Since its first sold-out printing in 1988, "Stalking the Mountain Wave" is back in a larger format. It is a completely revised and improved second edition, a worthy addition to anyone's soaring library.

It is a book of soaring history and politics, of geology, detailed high altitude physiology and meteorology, of great campfire tales, and of technique in using a unique phenomenon of nature - the awesome wave that sets up in the lee of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and Montana when a southwester blows in all the way from the Pacific Ocean.

To powered aircraft, the wave is often an ill understood danger to be avoided at all cost, but to sailplane pilots who understand and respect the strength of this wind and accept its challenge, it is a source of immense energy that can provide a free ride up to the stratosphere.This edition contains much new material such as the early pre-soaring history of the Cowley airfield, new soaring tales, a new chapter on the safety and medical aspects of high altitude flight, a final report on the "Chinook Project" which used the Alcor sailplane (built by Bob Lamson of Seattle) for wave research, and a list of every Diamond altitude flight and record achieved in the Cowley wave.

Ursula, who researched and compiled this book, is a historian for Canadian glider pilots and is a respected sailplane pilot in her own right. She holds several Canadian soaring records and earned the first Diamond badge in Canada to be held by a woman.

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