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2016 Cowley Summer Camp 

Please contact Phil Stade to register for the July 23 to August 1, 2016 Camp
Registration fee is $25

2016 Cowley Fall Camp 

Please contact Phil Stade to register for the October 1 to October 10, 2016 Camp
Registration fee is $25

Tax receipt donations through ASC

 The letter which accompanies the donation must be used go to the Document Vault for a copy.
 The minimum donation is $250.

Some donors may wish to have their donation directed to a club or even to some specific program of the ASC, but the donation cannot be forwarded to an individual. Send a note to the Executive Director giving any details on the directed use of a donation (beyond going into ASC general revenues).

Persons making a donation will mail their check and the form letter to the Donation Fund address and inform the Executive Director of the amount and if it is to be directed. The Foundation will send a check in the donation amount to the ASC and also sends the donor a tax receipt. Donors should write their checks early to avoid the year-end deadline!

Donations in kind

It is also possible to make donations in kind to your club, although the process is somewhat roundabout. First, you come to an agreement with your club on the fair market value of the gift (critical for tax purposes) and the club then pays you for it. After that, donate this money to the Foundation (following above procedure) and inform Executive Director to redirect this donation back to your club when the Foundation sends it to ASC. 


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