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2016 Spring Safety Seminar Articles:

Approach Speed Recalculated - Can we have enough speed and still make short field landings

2.Cause and Effect - Understanding airspeed changes encountered in thermals, downdrafts and horizontal gusts.

3.Good Manners and Soaring Safety - Knowing and applying thermal etiquette.

4.It's Time to Go - Getting ready for an emergency exit from your glider.

5.Knowing when. - A strategy for knowing when to quit flying.

6.The Medical Aspects of Soaring - Oxygen, marijuana and flight safety

7.Stamping Out the Low - Slow Approach - The how and why of steeper approaches.

8.The New Silly Season - When are we most at risk? April or July?

9.The Tape Does Not Lie - The Benefits of filming our flight and ground activities.

10.Threat, Stress and Pilot Performance - Why do we perform poorly under heavy stress?

11.Wing Structural Check - How and why we should check for wing integrity.

12.Off Field Landings on Uneven Ground - Strategies for safely dealing with sloped landing surfaces.

13. Scenario-based Training - Part 1 - Wouldn't you rather analyze a dangerous flying situation on the ground rather than in the air?  Additional parts will be added to this document shortly.

Regular documents:

A profile of the sport of soaring in Alberta - how soaring fits into the fabric of Alberta (written for gov. orgs)

ASC 2015 Annual Plan - All activity and program details for 2015

2015 Cowley Guide - the handout given to participants on the Cowley camps and the flying operation there.

Dealing with oxygen emergencies - everything that can go wrong and what to do.

Cross-country soaring philosophy 101 - by Steve Hill - a good summary of the mental aspects of XC.

Donation Fund cover letter - To accompany tax receipt donations to the Donation Fund.

FAI Sporting Code - Effective as of 1 Oct 2015

FAI Annex C to Sporting Code (Pilot and OO Guide) - Effective as of 1 Oct 2015

Foreign pilots rules for flying in Canada - Transport Canada licensing for visiting pilots.

Introduction to Cross Country - 23 pages of excellent ideas for improving your cross country performance

Club Member Proforma Report - 2015 Club Member report (proforma) Use for reporting all club members to ASC

Day Member Proforma Report - 2015 Day Member report (proforma) Use for reporting day members to ASC

Outlandings - A 'must read' before heading out on a cross country flight

Soaring Brochure (Cu Nim Version) 8.5" x 14" double sided colour brochure. If you want one for your club please call the ASC Exec Director

Trophies form - the application form for ASC trophy flights.

Turnpoint list for Alberta - a text file of 158 Alberta turnpoints for your use - updated 28 Jul 04.

Turnpoint list for Alberta - a pdf file of 158 Alberta turnpoints - updated 28 Jul 04

Winners - the complete history of ASC and the achievements of Alberta pilots.