To stimulate and retain young people’s interest in soaring and to provide future growth in competitive local, national and international pilots, dedicated programming and resources are required.  The Alberta Soaring Council Youth Development Program aims to address three specific needs of youth athletes:

    a) dedicated training program opportunities delivered by qualified coaches / instructors;

    b) access to gliders, launch equipment and facilities for program delivery; and

    c) reductions in financial barriers to train and complete in the sport.

The program is co-delivered by Alberta Soaring Council and our member clubs.

The Youth Development Program

Participant Requirements:

To participate in the Alberta Soaring Council Youth Development Program, individuals must be less than or equal to 21 years old on November 1, 2024, residents of Alberta, and a member in good standing with the Soaring Association of Canada, Alberta Soaring Council and an ASC member club.

2024 Program Elements

For 2024, the Alberta Soaring Council Youth Development program will include the following program elements:

  1. Youth Affordability: A financial subsidy will be provided to each registered youth member to partially cover their soaring activity costs. This will include reimbursement of their annual SAC membership fee, subsidized tow fees (up to 25%) and subsidized glider rental fees ($0.50 / min subsidy) to a maximum of $750 per registered participant per year.
  2. Instructors / Coaches: Participating clubs will be eligible to receive an annual subsidy of up to $40 per club Glider Instructor for their annual check flight / re-certification training and up to $30 per club Glider Instructor for the triannual Transport Canada instructor rating renewal fee.
  3. Equipment and Resource Availability: Participating clubs will be eligible to be reimbursed up to 50% of the aircraft insurance costs for a club 2-seat glider to have it available for use by the participants in the Alberta Soaring Council Youth Development Program. Lease contracts with clubs may be put in place to secure access to club tow planes or gliders to support ASC-sponsored youth training events and competitions.
  4. Cowley National Soaring Centre: The costs to ensure that the Cowley National Soaring Centre is serviceable and available to host youth training events and competitions will be supported by the 2024 ASC Youth Development Program.