Alberta Soaring Council Awards

Winners (External link opens in new tab or windowhere) by Ursula Wiese provides a condensed history (1966 - 2009) of the achievements of Alberta soaring pilots.

XC 100 Trophy

This ASC trophy was first awarded in 1983, but finished and presented in 1986. The trophy was designed, crafted and presented by Al Sunley of the Edmonton Soaring Club to encourage a novice pilot to fly five cross-country tasks. It is for licensed pilots with less than 100 hours as P1 in the logbook at the beginning of the season. However, some years produced more flights than others and in the interest of encouraging this trophy, even one flight may qualify for this trophy.

2022 Awardee was Chris Chiasson (Cu Nim Gliding Club)

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Carling Trophy

This trophy was originally awarded at the annual Western Canada Soaring Meet for the most outstanding flight. It is not known when this trophy was first awarded to an Alberta pilot for the best single flight in western Canada (some of our longer flights may cross a few borders) for distance, speed, or altitude. The trophy represents a stainless steel Schweitzer 1-26 ona wooden base.

The trophy is awarded for the best flight originating in Alberta and flown by an ASC club member.

2022 Awardee was Chester Fitchett (Cu Nim Gliding Club) for a 1224 km flight

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McLaughlin Trophy

The trophy was created as a memorial to Don McLaughlin who lost his life in a gliding accident in 1964. This is a large ornate silver trophy cup. It was originally presented annually by the Edmonton Soaring Club for the best Alberta flight. ESC passed authority over to ASC for awarding this fine trophy for up to five flights originating in Alberta, and flown by an Alberta pilot.

2022 Awardee was Chris Gough (Cu Nim Gliding Club)

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Bruce Trophy

This trophy was first awarded in 1953. The handmade trophy is a hardwood stylized Minimoa sailplane model on a turned wooden base that was designed and crafted by Norm Bruce ('the father of gliding in Western Canada"). The trophy was originally awarded to the winner of the "Western Canada Open Soaring Class" and is now awarded to the winner of the Alberta Provincial Soaring competition.

There was no awardee in 2022 due to no competition taking place.

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Boomerang Trophy

The trophy was first presented in 1984. The trophy was designed and crafted by Al Sunley of the Edmonton Soaring Club. A small stainless steel boomerang mounted on a walnut base. The trophy is awarded to the pilot who flies from one club in Alberta to another club in the province or adjacent provinces.

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Club of the Year

This plaque is awarded by the ASC Executive on a subjective basis to the club which the Executive considers has accomplished some noteworthy project during the year. It was designed by Tony Burton of the Cu Nim Gliding Club.

The 2020 Awardee was the Cu Nim Gliding Club. There was no awardees in 2021 or 2022.

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